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Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine is a drug that has intense stimulant effects that come on fast and strong creating a feeling of euphoria followed by a crash. Meth can be snorted, injected, or smoked, and it has a profound effect even when used in small quantities. 

Some tell-tale signs that you may have a problem with meth are mental obsession, deterioration of the physical body, and changes in behavior.  If abusing methamphetamine is something you or someone you love struggles with, our team at Focus is here to help.

Warning Signs

  • An overwhelming urge to use
  • Keeping a constant supply of the drug at hand
  • Using even when you know the risks involveds
  • Failed attempts to stop using
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Weight loss and frailness
  • Rotting teeth
  • Facial acne or sores
  • Intense scratching
  • Lowered immunity
  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased libido
  • Spending money on drugs regardless of financial situation
  • Engaging in risky behaviors to obtain more drugs
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Treating Methamphetamine Addiction

At Focus, you’ll find caring staff and a supportive community to help you achieve lasting sobriety. Our treatment addresses underlying emotional concerns to help uncover root causes of the addiction in a judgment-free, compassionate setting. Our program framework includes:

  • 24-hour medical and behavioral monitoring
  • Onsite medical detox
  • Individual and group therapy with Master’s level therapists using elements of Acceptance andCommitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Outdoor/adventure programming
  • Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness
  • Expressive therapies such as art and music therapy
  • 12-step program philosophies
  • Psychoeducation and skill building groups
  • Family therapy and support
  • Nutrition counseling (as needed)
  • Weekly therapeutic outings
  • Intensive relapse prevention

We care.

Why Focus?

Helping others find healing and recovery is our passion and life’s work. We work together to create a safe and compassionate treatment environment for everyone who walks through our doors.
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We're experienced.

Why Focus?

Our experienced and multidisciplinary team is made up of doctors, therapists, dietitians, nurses, and support staff who are great at what they do. We’re wholly committed to providing the best possible care.
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We've been there too.

Why Focus?

Many of us are walking our own paths of recovery. That means we understand your struggles first hand because many of us have experienced the same adversities ourselves. We believe this insight helps us better support you.
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Seeking treatment is a big step, and we’re here to help you find the right program for you or your loved one. Learn more about our program offerings through the link below.


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