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Dual Diagnosis *

Focus defines dual diagnosis as treating co-occurring eating disorders and substance use disorders.

It’s very common for individuals who struggle with substance abuse to also struggle with disordered eating, and vice versa. Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, unresolved trauma, or obsessive-compulsive behaviors can also play a role in how these problems manifest. Our team specializes in dual diagnosis * so we can effectively treat these co-occurring conditions.

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Our Whole-Person Treatment Philosophy

Dual diagnosis * treatment at Focus utilizes a whole-person approach. That means our treatment plans are not only tailored to each person’s specific needs but also take into account more than just physical well-being. Our overall healing process is framed with both traditional and therapeutic techniques that address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Why Focus?
We care.
Helping people find healing and recovery is our passion and life’s work.
We’re experienced.
Our team is made up of doctors, therapists, dietitians, nurses, and support staff who are tenured and committed.
We’ve been there too.
Many of us are walking our own paths of recovery and have been exactly where you are.
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Treatment Programs
at Focus

From residential care to outpatient nutrition counseling, we offer a variety of dual diagnosis * treatment options to best meet the specific needs of each person in our care. We work one on one with patients to address underlying issues through a variety of therapeutic techniques and can help determine the best treatment plan for you or your loved one.

Our People
Want to get more acquainted with our expert team? Learn more about the doctors, therapists, and support staff at Focus through the link below.
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Our Space
At Focus, we work to create a space that promotes healing and feels safe and welcoming. It’s important for our patients to be comfortable so they can do the work it takes to get life back on track.
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The Focus Experience

Focus is the ideal place for rebirth and growth and the beginning of your new journey towards a life of renewal, hope, unabashed truth and happiness.

- James Godwin

Great place, amazing staff. They make you feel loved and you can really tell they care about you and your recovery. Five stars in my book.

- James Godwin

The people here are genuine and willing to help. I'm more at peace with my life than I ever have been in the past. It helped me figure out why I have been in addiction for so long.

- James Godwin

I had a rough start and struggled feeling safe in a strange environment at first, but staff was incredibly helpful in resolving my concerns. I loved the more relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful rooms with comfortable beds, and I cannot say enough about the quality of the therapists.

- James Godwin

I have learned that it is ok to be honest about my life instead of burying it away and staying sick. I can't put into words how much I appreciate everyone here.

- James Godwin

My treatment goals were exceeded, I have had detox before but never an experience like this. The patient community and techs were all fast friends during my stay, and I met many people I will continue to keep contact with in recovery. The laid-back atmosphere was paramount to my experience.

- James Godwin
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